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Time To Change

A colleague of mine told me today that she noticed perceptible changes in me since Feb'2010, and that the same  opinion is shared by a few others too. The most noticeable changes being:
  • I am not as frequently loud as I was before.
  • A semblance of an emotional being is now visible
  • I seem now to feel need for people to be around me (sociability)
    I said yes to all the three and thanked her. If these are the first few steps, there are miles to go until I am perceived like any other normal human being. I am on the way. 

    When asked on the reason for change, I shared something very simple. I told her that I somehow started believing that its ok to share what I feel and let some of the normal emotions become visible to others. I have always been interested in people around me, especially colleagues who work with me, its just that I did not want them to know. Now I feel it is ok to let them know.

    I am not very sure whether this is going to be easy. There is less to lose and much to gain. Happy change days ahead.


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