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Travelers All

Not all days are the same. There are those nameless faceless ones that are born out of ennui and quickly fly into oblivion. Nothing good comes from them. All they do is burn rubber. They don't take us closer to our destination.

Then there are those days when the skies open up. There is an earth scattering screech, the kind you know will give way to a loud bang. Scarred for life you limp along, again. Crying over those who died and hurting for those who refused to ride with you again, you ride, for this is the only option you have known.

And then there are those rare rare fairytale days. The ones that starts off without a cause but go on to transform themselves into days of momentous impact. These are those days that leave behind magical memories. That feeble hint of a smile amidst deep furrows of pain are from days as these.

Travelers in time that we are, let's pray for short burst of sunshine and a fair share of fairy tale days.


  1. "Travelers in time that we are, let's pray for short burst of sunshine and a fair share of fairy tale days." - Very true :-)

  2. And I wish you all the fairly tale days :-)

    1. Thank you R. A little bit of other days would be like icing on a well baked cake :)

  3. Those rare fairy tales leave behind beautiful memories that we clutch near to our heart and cherish in those days when destination seems impossible. But those hard days are also beautiful, in my mind. They always reminds me that I am capable of vanquish over any hurdle that life puts before me.

    1. N, that is one fabulous amazing awesome comment. Thank you for sharing your perspective. P

  4. this is lovely, i need one of those days, heck do I need them....
    thanks for.stopping by my blog, i had removed the comment captcha before but i started getting a lot and really a lot of rude and offensive spam comments, one.of.them.had some.sort of.pornographic video embeded, thats when.i had to put that captcha thing back, sorry! i just dont want all that spam again...

  5. Rajesh, your writing here is extraordinary... wonderful...

    1. Thank you Jerral. You are an amazing inspiration as well.

  6. I love how you have written this post. And it's universally relatable. So glad I bumped into your blog :)


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