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May 31, 2014

You and Me

A word never spoken, a line never penned, a desire never expressed, a song never sung.

It went out with a tide that never returned, on a journey that never ends with a boat that never shores to a place that is unknown.

It is in time but yet to be.
But some day it shall well be.
Until then the paper boats that I set to sea,
Will carry the stories of you and me.

I will grow old and light as a breeze
And when these distances are too much to bear
I too shall call in a wave
And ride to the sea.

Rest your mind my dear friend
We shall meet again at the very end
For I have heard that all the rivers in this world
Find their way to the Sea.

May 22, 2014

Play Me A Sad Song Sarathi!

Play me a sad song Sarathi
And drive me home real slow

We have traveled these roads
A million times before
But tonight, as you take me home
Drive Slow. Drive Slow.

I want to carouse the potholes on these roads
I want to swing slowly with the wide turns you take
 And as you wait for red lights to turn green,
I want to wave back at young children waving at me.

Reach Home today
We both will.
Drive slow
As if this is the last time
You will drive me Home.
Sarathi: Stands of Lord Krishna in his role as a Charioteer to Krishna during the Kurukshetra War.

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