Sep 30, 2020


Over the years
Across thunderstorms
I have grown to fall in love
With all the lightnings 
That lit my broody skies
And fear the thunder 
That reminds
Of what I survived.

Sep 15, 2020

The Roots that live on

Why do roots stay alive long after the tree is gone? 
When the little one asked this to me, I was busy clawing and pulling and hacking at an old stump in the garden.

I looked around and sighed.
All the hard weeds all around the garden were fathered by this one tree.  Wherever its roots went, it spawned stories that entrenched itself like fables and myths. 

Looking back,  I think it would have been easier living with her
Than dying everyday,  fighting her memories 
Spawning all over
Like weeds in an eternally damaged garden.

Sep 13, 2020

Revolving Door Syndrome (RDS)

The stories that my mind weaves 
For me to hold on to memories of you
Are finely spun silken strands of time
Crisscrossing through the ups and the downs
Of our tumultuous universe.

Here I find a wormhole and claw back to where we first met
and there the gravity from a distant star
Bounces me off the make believe ride
And I lose you again

It is not unlike a revolving door
That opens
And closes
Into a room
full of you.

Goodbye Ganesha

As long stretches of empty cranes stood waiting, for the last of the Ganesha's to bid adieu, I felt my eyes welling up from a sadness th...

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