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On Kailash Kher and Love Songs

When Kailash Kher sings, I listen, and when he sings “Mil ke bhi, hum na mile, thum se na jane kyon….” My mind whips up a whirlpool. It reminds me of four of Shelley’s perhaps most famous lines,

“Our sincerest laughter
With some pain is fraught
Our sweetest songs
Are those that tell of saddest thoughts.”

When I look around, it seems that most people have stopped falling in love. Or maybe they have stopped realizing what love is all about, or even forgot all about it. Thankfully, I remain Fairy Godmother’s favorite child in this area. I fall in love at least once in a couple of years.  In fact, my otherwise ordinary life is punctuated with the memories of wonderful women I fell in love with. Women who were always amazing human beings and quite passionate about their being women. Some loved me in return for short moments in time, some forever and some others never knew of my love for them, or maybe knew, and hence ran away from me :)

The good thing about falling in love is that it helps you feel human and fallible again, it’s a welcome break from the robotic dreariness of my professional life. It also helps the ink flow from a pen otherwise prone to rust. All my lines ever written are reflections of someone I knew sometime in my life. But the part I like best about love is its ability to elevate another human being into the centre of your universe! When you love someone, your life hovers around hers like a compass. It does not matter how big the distances between the two are, you still find yourself swinging around the same radius, dancing in a circle!

Some of my closest friends are those whom I managed to retain long since the initial wave of love subsided. I hate people going out of my life. Because, when they do, they walk away with too much of me. I hate to live with the fact that there might be several loose pieces of me walking around this earth. Thankfully, as of today, there are only two, and I am sure that they will be back in my life, as friends, sometime during this lifetime again. They are not gone; they are out on a long walk. I await their return.

When the sounds of the evening subsides
And I am one with my solitude,
I first hear it as a distant drum
Until it comes home and annihilates
Every thought that was ever mine.
Every night I go to sleep with you in my mind.

Enough on love for the day. Good day.


  1. Beautiful thoughts!!
    The most important thing you have taught me Bhaiyya is to face experiences and not shun them. It is so common for people to run away from both the good and bad in their lives. It takes a lot to face them, greater courage to pen them down for they grow in their reality and much greater courage to show to the world that we are human, that we have had our experiences. We stay caged in our own thoughts and fear others opinion about us. We either live by fear of judgement or fear of unknown. I don't know if I will have the spine to come of out the cocoon I have drawn around me, but seeing you does do the work of a far away beacon that has the promise of light and life.
    Thank you for just being yourself, someone who can walk the talk.


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