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Dried Tamarind

Today I used the last of dried Tamarind my grandma packed for me two years ago. Two years ago, I did not foresee that she will no longer be there to pack me another consignment. Having lived alone almost all my life, going back home once a quarter was an absolute delight. Grandma would be waiting on the portico, sometime, she would not not sleep late into nights, waiting for her favorite grandson's footsteps to  alight. She would hug me and when she did, everything was all right.

Tonight's fish curry tastes wonderful. Wonderful because the last sprinkle of tamarind adds to the spice. There will be this spice no more. Ah! fickle life!


  1. Well aren't you glad that you were able to enjoy it while it lasted and you were able to make wonderful memories with your grandma?

    I suppose that's what matters - to make the most out of what we have while we have it :-)

  2. Mathura Wali and Tamarind... Rashid, these are memories and recollections that match very well my own thoughts today as I remembered my father and other people in my family who have left "spices" that continue to season my life. Thank you for the very, very good ideas and for the excellent writing. I have a small, classic image of Baby Krishna which I got in India many years ago. It's resting on my computer desk as I write this note. I'll take a picture of it and post it on my BLOG. Thanks, Rashid.

  3. @Raajiii: Completely and Absolutely Agree. I cherish all those seasons spent being a grandson. She defined me :)

    @ Jerral: Thank you so much. Looking forward to that photo.

  4. A poignant but wonderful post Rajesh and a good reminder to treasure those we love.

    (She had such a beautiful smile.)

  5. @ Sue: Thank you for your comment. Yes, she had a wonderful smile. She was the last of a generation of very strong Nair Women who used to lead in a matriarchal set up. These days, sadly, the men folks have started ruling the roost :)

  6. Sure, you are your grandma`s favorite grandson. Glad you were able to enjoy the Tamarind.


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