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Play Me A Sad Song Sarathi!

Play me a sad song Sarathi
And drive me home real slow

We have traveled these roads
A million times before
But tonight, as you take me home
Drive Slow. Drive Slow.

I want to carouse the potholes on these roads
I want to swing slowly with the wide turns you take
 And as you wait for red lights to turn green,
I want to wave back at young children waving at me.

Reach Home today
We both will.
Drive slow
As if this is the last time
You will drive me Home.
Sarathi: Stands of Lord Krishna in his role as a Charioteer to Krishna during the Kurukshetra War.


  1. this poem is so symbolic.....for me this is the journey of life.......and the ups, downs and surprises that we endure along the way...

    Reach Home today
    We both will.
    Drive slow
    As if this is the last time
    You will drive me Home.

    loved the last stanza......poignant....philosophical.......

    1. Bang on. Of the many lives each of use are destined to live, i believer that each life and within it, reach day is special :) Thank you A.

  2. This is thought provoking and kind of melancholy..

    We do need to go home slowly and enjoy each step we take..

  3. That was lovely. I want to go for a long drive now :/

  4. Oh ... I loved it so much ... the rhythm of it ... everything ... amazing .. :)


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