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Dreams Out There Drying

I have spread my dreams out to dry They were wet from yesterday’s tears Should you chance upon them on the line Don’t bother, just let them be. I have heard from the unheard There will be another long night tonight. Jan 24-2011 From Life in a Multiverse

While Waiting For You

I have willed Time to slow down So that in the little time I have with you I could spend more time with you. I have desperately tried for it to bend So that the memories of time spent with you Could be lived for ever more. I have counted the seconds in a minute And counted the minutes in a day In anticipation of spending One more day with you. Time being what it is I will no more. Dec-23 -2011

Sounds That Fill My Silences

Now that silences are back Where once your sweet nothings played I wait in the eerie darkness of my nights For some lost whisper of your sound to play again Some thought you might have left unsaid Suddenly finding decibels Some story that you left incomplete Suddenly finding a script I wait for old songs to play Someday. Dec-9-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

New Bloom

Memories from Springtime Lend light to Autumn gloom. As I wade through fallen leaves I see new hope bloom. As familiar words Fire Telephone Lines Old longings give way to new desires. Memories from Springtime Lend cheer to Autumn gloom. Nov 20-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

I Love

The touch of your skin on my skin The way your fret and fume under a kiss The way you run away from a hug And then come back for more Nov 17-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

Memories from Springtime

When I feel like writing, You become my muse. When I hold the pen, you flow effortlessly as ink. From memories of you have spawned Every word I ever wrote. Every keyboard I ever tapped made weird sounds, sounded like your name. With every long breath that I take Wafts in the fragrance of your shampooed hair. You are the words the punctuations and the pause. You are the intention, You are also the original cause. 8-July-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

Phoenix Rising

Someday from these ashes I shall rise again, Fight these self-doubts And be able to love again. Until such time O lord I pray, Let these embers not lose their fire, For one more lifetime with her, May my heart always aspire. April-25  From Life in a Multiverse

Autumn Is Long Gone

Each day I sweep the streets of Autumn Seeking new blooms of Spring. The blossoms these days Are all but gone, I see no flowers no more. These are my last few lines for you, It is done. I can rain no lines no more. Apr-6-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

I Remember

Lines from the poem You read to me last Thoughts of music that played When you danced last The SMS that you sent Just before all this merged Into a distant past. Mar-27-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

In Spite of the Wise

It is stupid some would say Allowing my heart to swing astray I agree with the wise It is my choice to be otherwise. Once this small life of mine has run Its innings and I am done I would love to leave behind someone Who at some point in her own little life believed She was mighty precious to someone. Mar-27-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

One Night Guaranteed

Of the things I should leave behind I have no clue. Of the things I should carry forward, Very few are new. All I know as I run into this night, Is that if this night has a tomorrow, With me, there shall be you. Welcome 2010. Dec 31-2009  From Life in a Multiverse

The Walk Down Necklace Road.

Your incessant banter chirping like robins of yore; spring in autumn' sunshine in rain. And as we walk hand in hand through the necklace road lanes your deo mingles with my cologne in a sweet fragrant embrace. 26-Oct-09 From Life in a Multiverse

Good Bye

In losing you I retain The best of you.   The memories that I cherish of you Are not those that you dumped on me; They are the memories That I stole from you The warmth that I feel when I think of you Is removed from the ice-like breeze That envelops me When I am with you. I find it difficult these days To be with you. In losing you I retain The best of you. Aug 28 2009 From Life in a Multiverse

Iron Wheels

Have you heard the incessant clatter Of steel wheels on steel tracks? I wish my life too Would sound so clear. July 2009 From Life in a Multiverse

Four Lines

If I were to count the hours we spent together Once sunny silences replaced idle chatter Time would give way to timelessness I would have to borrow another lifetime. June 2009 From Life in a Multiverse


Each Sunflower that follows the Sun Reminds me of my love For you. How could I let you know How much I needed you? Like all those things in the world That live for aeons I am silent too June 2009 From Life in a Multiverse

This Night Ends Tonight

This night that runs into tomorrow, Ends tonight. For all that remains to be said and done You have just this one night. HE who maintains those registers would know, The number of nights we're yet to live. All I know at this moment in time, Is that this night that runs into day Ends tonight. Goodnight:) May 2009 From Life in a Multiverse


Amidst the din and buzzle Of a city already mad I find myself repeat lines From my yesteryear Poems. Those that I want Are nowhere near The ones who are near Are not the ones I seek In between what is And what could be Is me 24-April-2009 From Life in a Multiverse

For Whom The Pen Writes

All my lines, all these years Each one of them, all these words Have been penned for one Who would never read Any of these. Like love my lines exist Irrespective of you. May 2009 From Life in a Multiverse

Subterranean Existence

Let me hurry through the day I do not live here anymore The days are a whiny slob Waiting to be consumed Days are ever expanding universes Waiting for it to collapse into itself Let me hurry through the day I do not live here anymore. To the nights I have shifted, Need I tell you anymore! March 24th, 2009 From Life in a Multiverse

Silences in the Storm

Once the whining and the grumbling is past And the groves and pines Have given up the howls One can hear in the silences that surround The storm that rages within. There is no escape. Feb-2009 From Life in a Multiverse

One meandering life

  I know how it began, we all know where it ends. Between this beginning and its end survives; One meandering life. Seasons come and go, Relationships bloom and burst, The Constant Gardner is ever at work. Seeding flowers, planting trees, Some to bloom others to grow. Amidst this growth and decay, Amidst fading-by-the-night flowers and everlasting trees, Is one meandering life. Climbing mountains riding waves, Catching an 'Appooppan Thadi' chasing a dream, Amidst sleep and wakefulness, Is one meandering life. Answering questions questioning answers, Questioning the questions that longed for answers And the answers that begged for questions. Between moments of clarity and aeons of confusion, Is one meandering life. Milestones by the way Discount distances yet to be run. What is known is your truth, The unknown is all mine. Between the distances of the mind And those of the milestones Is one meandering life. Stuck between truths, Yours and mine; I

Of Storms and Silences

What storm is it that you brew In your tea cups this time? Which is this war Ravaging your hinterlands? I stand outside your minds corridor Waiting For a soft whisper to blow apart The silences that fast gather Into clouds thundering And promising Another downpour I stand quite Wondering Which will be the killer this time. The storm that rages in you Or the one that I fight within? April-8 From Life in a Multiverse

Magnificent Distraction

What magnificent distraction this! Ebbs and flows and throbs and throes Disconcerting to degree Away and beyond! The Kite flies away The thread tags along All the way all along Up and up and beyond To the yonder till it falls Catches a tree a shrub a hedge a storm. What magnificent distraction this! Ebbs and flows and throbs and throes. April-5'09 From Life in a Multiverse

Living in the moment

A scoop of Silence splattered with sounds Hot chocolate fudge on frozen vanilla The taste of nuts rolling and melting With the corn and the crowd. Stay back for a second will you, I have a moment to live One single melting moment in life Let me live through these seconds These frozen freeze frame seconds. Later, you will melt away Go on to become a face That catches my attention In a crowd That I avidly avoid. A friend now A Stranger an ice-cream moment away! March 27, 2009   From Life in a Multiverse

The Train That Hurtles Into The Night

The train that hurtles into the night, Is driven by a sense of purpose that is mine. Tonight, I am just another traveler. I share my destiny with those who are around, In the same space and time. I belive, and hence, This journey ! March-5, 2009 From Life in a Multiverse

About You

One neat string seamless and strong That runs through my book of life Tying in togetherness my pages Days, events, years and lifetimes Into small readable chapters. You string my life together Because of you I am Because of you I have A story to tell! Feb 2009 From Life in a Multiverse

Once All Is Said

  It needs only a smile For a memory to linger A longing to glimmer And sustain a lifetime Once all is said You don’t need too much To fall in love! And let the Love remain. Dec'08 From Life in a Multiverse

An Ink That Stains In A Pen That Rusts

I do not want to write about you Writing about you wastes my words And define boundaries In an otherwise infinite world Full of infinite possibilities I do not want to write about you My written word stains The paper where my ink blots And words penned take on meanings That was otherwise not thought Let my words rest in peace Let my worlds survive. 8th of May 2007 From Life in a Multiverse

I Am Going

Every time you know That I am just about to let go: You squeak and shudder and blow Even feign a thunder Before you strike at the door Three loud thumps That mean Please Don’t’ Go. 8th of May 2007 From Life in a Multiverse

When Dreams Start Hurting

When Dreams Start Hurting Ablaze in the daylights of Nagpur I now realize why their Oranges Are a fiery red The color of fire and the Sun. Its a fire so frenzied That this beautiful town with is beautiful roads Clean and neat people Scurry around the streets on bipeds and mopeds attired Like terrorists. Yesterday in my hotel room As I made way for the mistress of sleep to invade I dreamt of us Of the last time I was in Nagpur And we had a softy ice cream @ Haldirams. Fire of all fires My very own dreams Have now started hurting. Nagpur Is on fire. May 2007 From Life in a Multiverse

The Beginnings

The seed that I was Ever in waiting For that little warmth Of an astray laughter That warm cuddle Of another Stranger in transit You came along And in the hurried embrace Of those molten moments I bloomed lines Forever flowering Never ending Oct-2008 From Life in a Multiverse

Magnificent Desperations

Weaving dreams out of stuff I could not share, Aspiring to fly to places of no return. I await oblivion in the hands Of the one Who does not care! Does the fiery sun that sets tonight know, If there is a tomorrow, I shall rise again And with folded hands to the unmoving, I shall write again. Jan-1st Week, 2010 From Life in a Multiverse

An Appoopan Thadi Called Life

Drifting in the wind, ever changing Not holding on, and never letting go Neither fighting nor ceding defeat I wait for the elusive spring. Holding on to promises In a pollen full of dreams I wait for first shower to drench me I believe. Jan-16th-2010 From Life in a Multiverse

“Your letters”

The last time I counted They were nearing forty and going strong One for each year of my life And a half for the rest of me. You wrote them on tissues, on government Stationaries and letter pads, And you wrote them on 15 paisa papers too, Until the e-mail come along. Death come calling Through electronic mails and I Live with my children tending And pretending that there will be more. Your letters, hard and strong. 19-07-03

The Girl in my Wallet

Weather-beaten though they may be, The leather and the woman in it; It serves the larger goal of withering That relationships undergo, in time, and Some times out of time. I make friends and in time they melt away As friends are wont to do with The sweet fragrances of friendship gone stale. I plant flowers and they bloom To fade With a tired yawn Into the darkling night. I smoke cigarettes and with life They burn the paper Into Inert ash. There’s no reason why, An e-mail should not end everything. The leather of my purse will outlive The girl it has so long imprisoned. 2001 From Life in a Multiverse

Our Lives Are Our Lines

If I were to write you a few lines And you were to name them after Some poems you would have read Somewhere in time to forget And be remembered of it again. I would write my name “Rxxxxx” And I will write your name “Sxxxxx” And I will place them at the two ends Of a very white Of a very wide Sheet of paper. And I will write no more. Our lives are our lines And between these few lines Of lost spaces and misplaced punctuations Let us, you an I Help each other make sense Of what remains of us. Rxxxxx       Sxxxxx 2003 From Life in a Multiverse

End of the Report

Dear Sir, I have drafted my report For the last seven days. It’s on your table, right Next to your paper weight, Under the pen-stand. After you have read the above If you feel I should change, Some part of what had happened, To what actually Should have happened. Edit it, its open to change, What I did yesterday, You can undo Today. 6th October 2002 From Life in a Multiverse

At the level-cross

Sitting in a car Waiting for the train to come Waiting for the train to go To come away from somewhere And to go away to some-other-where. Why do I wait When it does not concern me. Of what probability is the chance That therein will be someone I knew once. Why does the hour glass always tilt Midways and stop So that time would come along And sit besides me And wait For the train from somewhere To go some-other-where.13-11-2003 From Life in a Multiverse

The Beginning

Clutter of trains Ever running into tunnels. Endless reserves in two our bodies, Passions smoldering in your saffron breasts, A touch, nearness, distant embraces, All sealed with kisses, yet unsealed. Softness of shampooed hairs, Warmth of the eternal fire, Youth lingering in you and me; Shared secrets and the unshared ones. Nxxxx and me, me and her. I think now, my poetry began Then, in some distant wilderness, Among fiery poppies and dew drunk mustards, In the cluttering of the rails In your heart and mine And those withering glances. 2000 From Life in a Multiverse

“Kitna? Safed Pannon Jithna"

(In the vernacular, Kitna?  stands for "How Much?" and "Safed Pannon Jithna"  is a response which means "As much as a page of White Paper") I have loved you through the cold midnights Up north; when I used to whisper words Of love through cold telephone lines To keep you warm in me. I have loved you in the sultry heat Of a humid southern drought And in letters tried to water Your thoughts in me. Through seasons without ample reasons I have loved you. Through time, and out of time I have loved you. For such things to go on And on I have defined continuity on my own terms In my love for you. 2000 From Life in a Multiverse

When I walk into the Night

All good things come to an end, until they begin again. I am not sure if there would be a sequel in this lifetime. I don’t even know if the crew would come together for another shoot. The universe that plots togetherness, plans the parting too. I knew and so did you that the time we spent together, we would never relive again. As I spent those seasons in time with you, I freeze framed the best of you. In my fear of forgetting you, I frantically keep you alive in my blogs, my poems, my passionate debates on relationships and my ever increasing play-lists of yesteryear songs. One day, when I walk into the night, I would lean on to your memories and they will carry me through. When I meet my maker, together, we shall say hello!

That Mysterious Glow In Sunshine

When I found the sun up so close, sneaking up my windows, a mile high in the sky, I was reminded of you. I was remembered of the day sunlight was caught behind your silken hair. Rays of love would shine through you, and drenched me in its glow. And when I looked into your mriganayani eyes, I could see myself; and in your eyes, I was so beautiful to see. I always believed that the Sun that shines, answers to you. You are the mysterious reason why it glows. Rajesh

Lord was on my ATR Flight

On an ATR flight from Hyderabad to Cochin, I had the window seat next to the propellers. The blades seemed huge up close and when the engine fired and they started to turn.  Blades merged with blades, and soon there was nothing. The blades in their fiery speed became one with the things around, and seem to have vanished. Only the black warhead like nose at the centre of the rotors whirred like some Bosch hammer drill, being used in the middle of a lonely night. When the invisible rotors lifted me into the skies, I thought about my Lord. The Lords presence, like the invisible rotor blades, is mostly felt, rarely seen. Thank you for a wonderful flight.

The Rainbow Across The Bridge

Some day my songs will sing of you no more. Someday, silences will fall over silences; there will be no words no more. And when you pass this way you will find me painting in your colors no more. I know that one day I shall wake up and I would grieve your loss no more. I agree that I will never forget you but I pray for better things to remember. Time would send me no answers, but I trust time to bring more important questions my way, someday. Rajesh

Onions or Living?

My office boy has a young baby girl who has just begun to take her first few baby steps. On my way out, I see her hanging on to the gates and making baby-like noises. She is an optimist; I have not seen her cry. Yesterday on my way back from the supermarket, I bought half a dozen bananas for her. The mother was surprised, it was unexpected. At the supermarket, I remembered the choices I had as a kid. We were just about “middle-class” but we had enough food to eat. There were baskets of mangoes, litchis and five guava trees. There were biscuits which I and my sister would hog over and sweets during every festival. Today these choices are not available to 80% of Indian poor. The onion sells at INR 75/- a kilo, tomatoes at INR 72/-. Barely edible rice is over INR 30/- A doctor’s visit costs INR 250/-. Last year, over 17000 farmers chose to die rather than plod on until their next crop-loss. Many more will die. The rickshaw-wallahs, pavement dwellers, scavengers, mu

What Do You See In Me?

I have been put through the shredder and my entrails have stained many a heart before. I have been ground fine in time and now get tossed in beautiful looking hourglasses. I have been beaten hollow as a drum, and I am highly strung. The shrillness of my voice; you would not have heard before. I have been battered by the blue waves and have surrendered my pride years ago; I have no rocky edges no wedges and no space for your little hands to hold on to. I sustain no life anymore. Wonder what you see in me! Rajesh

Hand In Hand

The last time I went to a park was with you. I am always surprised by your urgency to hang on to my lanky frame in public places. It is as if you wanted the world to know that you owned me, owned a piece of my soul.  Amidst the buzz of mosquitoes, the wild laughter of young kids and the curious envious stare of their mothers, you chattered on for hours. I do not remember your prompts; I do not remember my responses. I was lost in the glow of your warmth. It was a wonderful dress you were wearing. When the crowds dispersed and the last of the mother’s tore themselves away from us, I could feel you let go. I could feel the distances of the heart setting in. The last act had been played out. It was time for me to go home. You were no longer hanging on.