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Dad and mom

There is much to learn from my mom and dad. My mother is my dads centre of the universe. He cooks for her, buys stuff for her and cares for her in ways that are incomprehensible to me. Twenty years ago when they first separated to live in two different cities, I remember dad crying over the dinner table. The years that mom lived in Kerala were years when dad would criss cross the country many times a year to be with her. And now that mom has retired, they live together again, like a fiery thunder living with a silent lake. Mom is like that. Silent, not very expressive and strictly mind my own business type. She thinks too much with her head and dad is greatly driven by passion and emotion. I wish I were capable of loving someone half as much, in a subtler more subdued manner. Someday I will.

Moved On

I chanced upon your linked in update, It says you have moved on. I know that you have left my town A town for which you had mixed memories Of love longing and pain. You could have dropped a line I know it is difficult for you It would have been easier on me. Yesterday on my way back home I saw someone like you on the road The winter fog seems to be playing games For in the heart of winter chill I felt the warmth of summer breeze. You are my sunshine You keep shining still :-)

Let it end tonight

The warmth of your breath near my ears The feel of your free flowing hair brushing my shoulders The fragrance of your perfume Tingling all my senses. Let the world come to an end tonight For I don't want to live in my tomorrows anymore.