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You and Me

A word never spoken, a line never penned, a desire never expressed, a song never sung. It went out with a tide that never returned, on a journey that never ends with a boat that never shores to a place that is unknown. It is in time but yet to be. But some day it shall well be. Until then the paper boats that I set to sea, Will carry the stories of you and me. I will grow old and light as a breeze And when these distances are too much to bear I too shall call in a wave And ride to the sea. Rest your mind my dear friend We shall meet again at the very end For I have heard that all the rivers in this world Find their way to the Sea.

Play Me A Sad Song Sarathi!

Play me a sad song Sarathi And drive me home real slow We have traveled these roads A million times before But tonight, as you take me home Drive Slow. Drive Slow. I want to carouse the potholes on these roads I want to swing slowly with the wide turns you take  And as you wait for red lights to turn green, I want to wave back at young children waving at me. Reach Home today We both will. Drive slow As if this is the last time You will drive me Home.  --------------- Sarathi: Stands of Lord Krishna in his role as a Charioteer to Krishna during the Kurukshetra War.