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Remembering Karl Marx

The Paradise Hotel crossroads is a busy traffic junction. On my way home, I wait for the lights to turn green thrice before I can cross the signals. It is not as bad as Bangalore, all it takes is around 15 minutes. Friday evening was one such evening and I was busy staring at bums of other cars. There was a little space between my car and another small car and a cyclist was busy trying to wedge through. His cycle scraped the mud flaps of the small car. An old man of around 74 came out of the car, shaking out of anger, clearly out of control. He held the poor cyclist by the collar, shook him a couple times and let out a string of choicest abuses! The cyclist clearly was a white card holder (below poverty line) and the old gentleman was from the urban elite. Once the tirade was over, the cyclist shrugged off with a stoic face. The old man, happy to have got an opportunity to abuse in public, also went into the air-conditioned comfort of his car. When two worlds collide, wonder what impre

Always Connected

Sometimes I wonder what I can do?  To someday, get another hello from you.  And while I figure this out, I want you to know,  You dont have ever think twice,...  I am always, connected to you From Life in a Multiverse

RnDm Lines

When It Rains and it is Night  The street light catches falling rain  in a yellow sulphur glow,  I see a kid holding on to the window sill  and looking out into the rain.  A car drives down the quiet night,  Its wipers sounding like loud heartbeats.  It is a silent night...  And I am reminded of you. 

Should sleep overcome me

Should sleep overcome me  And there remain something unsaid,  Wake me from my slumber For I shall have no peace when dead.  Should the roads diverge  And the path I chose not be the one you tread,  Call me back in time  For what use is this journey,  If your hands are not in mine?

Where do you want to go? What do you want to be?

What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? I have been at the wrong end of these two questions too many times in life. My response confuses people, their question confuse me! What do you want to be? Well, the last time I checked, I was already busy being! I just want to grow old, in possibly less interesting circumstances than the present, and die, at around 100 or so.  I appreciate that my milestones are not the milestones most people would set for themselves. The next obvious question is what would you do for that long? That long, I mean I just polished off 36 years of living and it seems that I was born only today morning! I want more time, I love living and I have been incredibly busy doing just that. 100 seem just fine. Where do you want to go? Now this is a tricky one. I always thought that we all go to the either of the two places. You go up, or you go down. Wherever I go, finally, I am sure I will be much trouble there. Interesting questions have interesting answers; this

Mom, Colleague, Friend, Wife… and so much more

Mom dropped home by Colleagues-Last Working Day My mom retired from government service after some 38 years of service across Bihar and Kerala. Her colleagues threw a superannuation party for which the family was invited. Keeping our own family traditions alive, we were there in full quorum! The superannuation speech by her colleagues, the tears in the eyes of some of her colleagues and the general sincerity in the speeches gave me insights into a dimension of her personality. It took me 36 years (my age) to understand this completely. It was my mother they were referring to but for them, she was a colleague they will miss, for some a friend and others a supervisor they will remember of fondly. Only a woman can play so many roles with such élan. There is some embedded chip running in them that help them be so many different people rolled into one, and play out each one of these roles fully! As she starts a new inning in her life, I wish her luck and years of health and happiness :)

The Comm ah! Before The Period.

To those who moved on; The choice was yours, not mine.  To those distanced in time; someday we shall meet again.  To those alienated by memories; You continue to appear in my thoughts.  To those separated by wealth; I wish we all had a little less!  To those who have passed away; hold on, I too am on my way.  And for those who trudge along; Thank you. Thank you.  I hope our love; this life sustains.