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Forever Times

Will you come with me To those far off places in my mind Where beautiful memories of long journeys Of trains, steamers, boats and the countryside lurks. When I see you I remember My life from some other lifetime The time when the sky was golden And there was sunshine. When my grandma waited at home For I and my little sister To return from the lake With our puny catch of fishes for the day. I was a good man then And it was a good life once You remind me Of my forever times.

Sitting by the Lakeside

The next time we meet, I shall ask you to walk with me. Walk through the paved lanes around Hussain Sagar and sit on the mildly moist grass with me again. I am beginning to forget the last time we did it. There is some distant memory of warmth and cuddle, of some relationship that used to make me laugh in my sleep. Let's explore if those people live within us still. Let's sit by the lake side and watch the kids. Hand in hand, let's sit still.