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Heaven and Hell

Raj, does heaven and hell exist? Yes Princess, it does. What is this between Hell and Fire? Why is hell always fiery? No idea baby, probably something to do with pain. I have heard that burns cause maximum pain. But Raj, how will you burn if you have no body, you are dead right? Hmm, good one. I have no answers Princess. Ok. Do you remember the time you were having this fling with that girl from office? Why bring it up now baby? No, I am just asking. Do you remember? I do. I used to be so jealous, my heart was a smouldering cinder. Do you understand what I mean? Yes baby. It was like hell for you. I love you Raj. So do I baby. Now you guess what I am thinking.... This is heaven Princess. Dog you are Raj. Bhou Bhou Princess.

In the little time that remains

Yes, I can walk back in time and join our lives together into one. I can make two rivers merge into the same sea. I can make both of us lose our identity and become strangers to ourselves. And then we will fall in love again. I can help you and me crawl out of our skin, each using the other, and grow new names and new identities. I can paint this sky crimson and plant 8 birds of love who will continuously flutter their wings for you...flying nowhere. I can. I can erase your memories of strife and loneliness. Of fights with your papa and nights of sobs in your attic. I can help your dog live longer so that you don't have to see him die. I can babble as you drive me into the night and light you a smoke every time you feel like it. I never fall asleep. I am God. I can do miracles.

Gecko Love

Raj, you need to know things about me that I have never told you. It will be easier for you to manage me that way. I hate lizards, they give me the creeps and they always stare me down. If you have lizards in your kitchen, there is no way I will do the cooking! I love to cook but not everyday. You need to take me out once in a while. Maybe once a month. I love long drives and I am not a shopaholic. I shop rarely and don't spend much. But I would love you to take me out shopping and tell me which dress to wear, what color what fabric. I wear westerns, I hope your parents won't object. Its just that I never wore salwars. And Raj, though I come across as someone strong and sure, I feel terribly low at times and find it difficult to take decisions. You need to help me when I am down. You sleep at 10 and I at 11. I hope you will not want to change that. I will read something while you sleep. And you know what... I love to sleep naked (blush blush), entwined and huddled. You don'


Raj...what is "Time"? Hmmm...why do you ask me stupid questions. I am not Aristotle! Honey, please answer this one for me please, I am a little muddled in my mind. Time is that which passes between a beginning and an end. It can be measured by peeling off pages from a calendar or stupidly counting the number of times your watch repeats its stupid movements. But what if there is no beginning and no end. How will you define Time for things with no beginning and no end? They are timeless. Thank you Raj. You are my Plato.


I cannot promise you that I will be the best thing that will happen to you. Life is not a never ending circus, it has its ups and downs. And between the shows, I have heard that there is much hard work. When the curtains go up, i will be your favorite clown, dancing around you and trying to make you laugh.  And when the lights are down, I will be there to tend to your swollen feets, massage your shoulders and wash away your makeup. I will make your bed and hush you to sleep. And I will always find you beautiful.

Forever parallel

Do you see these tracks Raj? I do princess. What do they make you feel? Ah! Now you think I have feelings too? Offo Raj, I want an answer. I love being near them. In fact, I have one running close to where I live. Funny you would say that Raj. I live next to them too. I know princess. We discussed this fifteen years ago. Big deal Raj. What did you do about it? You remember that guy who sold me my house two years ago? Haneef? Yes. Ya Raj, i remember, what about him? When I was buying my house, I gave him only one specification. And that was? I told Haneef that I wanted a house next to a railway track. Dog you are Raj. Bhou bhou baby.

67 Love Songs

Have you been to places that time forgot Have you seen those faces lost in thought Have you seen yourself in a mirror lately Are you the same woman that I knew once,  or is it the one that I lost?    Do you, when you close your  eyes,  see those phantoms from our past? Of all the faces that flicker on the screen Is there some that of me reminds? This road has some travel left And these journeys are often long, One day when all this is done You and I will sit along And for every year of your neglect My dear, you will sing me a song.

Lest we forget

Life burns up at rate faster than meteor showers. Before we have had a chance to blink, our moment is over, like the lives of those who came before. I have never tried to make sense of this hurry to consume, could never comprehend why it is so difficult to slow down lives pace, live a little more. A few lines from Auden's As I walked out one evening provides some solace. 'I'll love you till the ocean Is folded and hung up to dry And the seven stars go squawking Like geese about the sky. 'The years shall run like rabbits, For in my arms I hold The Flower of the Ages, And the first love of the world.' But all the clocks in the city Began to whirr and chime: 'O let not Time deceive you, You cannot conquer Time. 'In the burrows of the Nightmare Where Justice naked is, Time watches from the shadow And coughs when you would kiss. 'In headaches and in worry Vaguely life leaks away, And Time will have his fancy To-morrow or to-day. Or maybe a couple of lines fr

Another Day Another Time

For the time that I did not have with you, I do not blame you. For the time I had but could not spent, I do not hold myself guilty. I have observed that Life follows its own mysterious  rules. Some cycles are short, some long and winding, never ending. What roads will lead us on to each other again, I do not know. That our paths will ever cross again, I cannot guarantee. How will it be, should we meet again, I cannot foresee. I live with my inability to learn from my past, I love my inability to predict the future. This life does not run on my terms, I am not the driver of this carriage. Should the wild northern winds that power my journey, breeze me your way, we shall meet again. And then what we go on to become, is between you and me and my chauffeur, destiny.

Forever Times

There are times, and then there are forever times. The happy times that you and I remember, together Are the forever times. Smoking in your dads attic Picking a fight with your neighbor cause your dog barked too loud Riding a rickshaw with you behind Blowing bubbles on your face, and you screaming about that stupid makeup Playing in cold and dirty snow Kissing with Cola and other exotic drinks Flying a kite Forever times...

A Life Without You?

The mukri of the mosque next to my house shouts into the microphone everyday morning, calling the faithful to prayers. I see the tabela guy escorting his buffaloes to pasture, and I hear the paper guy delivering my morning paper at the door. Nothing much changes here. This is the twentieth year of you and I.

Time Flies

It is summer in Patna. The gulmohar trees have lost their mind, in full bloom they light up the afternoon sun into an inferno! The roads are dusty, straight out of any of those Bihari gangster movies. The women are still the fullest sharpest and prettiest among all women. I met a couple of old acquaintances, they look the same, only I look older. And what is it with these small towns, they still remember my escapa des from twenty years before, of guns and goons and girls? Wish I had not been so Bihari so young, I might have grown up with so many more choices of things to do. Yes, I did go to the places we went to, to the tree under which I kissed a girl the first time in my life...god, it had to be you. They now have a mall! A big one, the kind we see in big cities, with lovers escalators and pretty housekeeping chicks. Twenty years is too long a time in time. Much has changed and so have we. The bel-ka-juice tastes the same, only my mother looks much older. Sister Suma still lives

Railroads to Infinity

Raj? Yes Baby? Every time I see the train tracks, I feel forlorn and lonely. Why baby? You know what they say about those tracks no Raj... that they run parallel to each other, and forever, they never meet. Does that sum up our lives too Raj? Will we be forever running together, but never really together? No baby, I don't see it that way. Every time I see railway tracks, I am reminded of you and all the ruckus we create when we are together. I believe that because these tracks run parallel, good things happen. Trains run on them, and people get to meet their loved ones. I believe that there should be more trains,... and the tracks should forever run parallel. Dog you are Raj, you and your sick mind. I wish these tracks would stop staring at each other over the ages and come together some day. They do come together princess. They come together every time a train runs of them tracks. The train brings them together. It connects them and lends their existence a very beautiful meaning.

Cling On Baby

How long has it been?  Close to 20 I guess. No no, it is 18, 18 years. I remember I was 16 and you were 18. We could not even run away together, I was still a minor :) You are right, it is 18... not that I would have run away with you... I had no money no friends and did not know where away was :) Dog, you were always a Dog Raj!!! Bhou Bhou but you still tag along, don't you? I do, I always will... I will lead you by your leash until one of us is gone. And then, then what would the other do? I know what I will do with you if you are gone, I will steal some cinders from your ash and make myself an amulet. I will always carry you along, until I am a old hag and I cant walk any more. And then, when when I go to sleep, they will leave that amulet on. Straight out of FLS princess. How would you explain that to your husband? I'll tell him something.Not that I plan to marry anytime now! How is it Princess... with me around? Hmmm! I can walk into the night and not be worried about Ghos

Blind Since 18

In my minds eye You are beautiful to see. You skin clear and translucent, Your eyes an amazing shade of grey. You smell like fresh flowers  And smile like spring. I have been blind ever since I first set my eyes on you, You are all that I need to BE.  There is nothing more out there that I need to see :) More@ Life in a Multiverse

The beginning

When I knew you and my knowledge of you was not bound by a frame of reference. You were not outside me nor did I have an existence outside of you. Coiled into each other like serpents intertwined, we lay for ages motionless in each other arms. In losing you I have lost that wonderful silence in my life. Come back, lets be one again. More@ Life in a Multiverse

Tunneling Through Time

It seems like life is a stretch of golden sand and I crawl beneath the dunes of time. I know that someday winds of change will blow, some day the dust in my eyes will be cleansed by snow. Until such day I walk my life with a pocket-full of dreams. When it is time, I would hear you speak, and I would know. From this slumber, new life begins.

Filling In the Blanks

The lines that you edited in hindsight The dream that you choose to forget every time you wake up The memory that you wantonly erase, The color of the blush Behind your mascara. I live in your dark places When you close your eyes, you see me there I live in those corners where you go When you are alone and there is nowhere else to go   More @ Life in a Multiverse

Should sleep overcome me

Should sleep overcome me  And there remain something unsaid,  Wake me from my slumber For I shall have no peace when dead.  Should the roads diverge  And the path I chose not be the one you tread,  Call me back in time  For what use is this journey,  If your hands are not in mine?