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In the Heart of Silence

Every once in a long while, I fall silent in midst of a roaring relationship. I wait for the clutter of last night chatter to subside and the noise from everyday thoughts to settle down, and then I watch how my withdrawing affects the relationship. Most times, the silence stretches uneasily. It is as if somebody has paused a Schwarzenegger movie. It is as if an icicle forgot to drip, a snowflake landed on another and I were in a dream where the bogey man scared me to silence.

Back to the Sea

I have never seen an ocean. I don't know anyone who has seen one. Growing up by the Ganges, I was in awe with the angry river that overflowed every year. I looked at Baccha uncle's marooned steamer and imagined the ghosts that lived within its iron soul. When I first saw the sea, I also sensed the roundness of the horizon, the fullness of its brims and the infiniteness of the waves. If I were to sing on a dark silent night, l knew that my song would not reach the other shore. The sea dwarfed me into nothingness. It made me feel like a handful of water held up to the sun as an offering and then running down the fingers, back into the sea. Like an errant stream, I run a crazy winding course downhill. But my dear, I know that when I am done, I will meander my way back to you. I can feel my rush as I fall into you. I know what awaits me, as I dive deep into you. I too, fill you. I loose myself so that there can be you.

So said the Sea

I see the vastness of these oceans and I look at my bare foot legs, wet with the oceans longing for me. Not that I waded into these waters deliberately, not that I heard it's call and responded as in a dream. These waters came searching for me. As the showers spray salt shatter break breach surf and roll, I feel like the sea, rushing to lose myself among the vastness that now surrounds me. It is time to lose a bit of me. It is time to change a bit of you. Of what use my dear are these two separate identities?

लहरों का किनारों से

जो रिश्ता समंदर का पानी से लहरों का किनारों से है कुछ ऐसा ही रिश्ता मेरी हमनफ़ज़ आपके दिल का हमारे दिल से है। कभी इतनी पास की रूहानी हो जाये कभी दूर इतनी कि रूह तड़प सा जाये। कभी तुम्हारे आघोष में वक़्त यूँ ही निकल जाये तो कभी बिछडन कि आग हमें निगल जाये। सुनो, जब कभी समुन्दर की लहरें बूंदे बन तुम्हारे बदन को सेहराये उन्हें झटकना मत, कुछ देर और भिगोने देना क्या खबर मेरी हमनशीं तुम्हारे कदम लौट मेरी और फिर कब आये।

जो रिश्ता वक़्त का पल से

धर्ति से ना पूछो कि है बारिश से ये कैसा प्रेम वक़्त से ना पूछो क्षण का प्रेम तुम इस कदर हो घुली मुझमें जैसे कि तुम वक़्त और में क्षण तुममे तुम भूमी में जल सा समाया तुममे तुम मंज़िल मैं पथ सा तुममे तुम वाणी मैं भाषा तुममे में वो कहानी तुम परियों की रानी जिसमें।

Roller Coaster Ride

I have felt your heart fluttering as my fingers made weird random design on your palm. No, you don't have to tell me what I do to you. It's just a small bit of all that you do to me as well.

An Urchin's Prayer for You

As you walk into this day, I want you to meet it all the way. I want you to make love to the sunshine I want you to dance in the rain. I want you to fight with the traffic cop And abuse the zombie on the other lane. Kill a boss or two Bring smile to a lonely hearts face. Drench yourself in Victoria's secrets Drape yourself in a lace As you walk out to meet life today I want you to face it with little grace.