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The Courage To Be

Life is mostly tiring. I have often looked out of train windows late into nights and seen trains hurtling past on the opposite tracks. It is one racket of streaking steel with lights forming long lines of lightning. I have wondered if some lonely wanderer like me would have been looking out of those windows as well, trying to make sense of this whirl of life.
And amidst this terrible rush of everyday living, I have faced challenges that comes with the act of getting things done. Every decision I have had to ever take have come with a deadline. Either you take the decision within that time or the decision gets taken on its own. I am not sure which is better. Taking decisions or allowing life to take its own decisions. There is no data with me to prove that one is better than the other. However, I have always preferred taking decisions. Some augur well, while others are stuff about which stories of great failures can be written. I love it either ways. I love it when something works out and I love it when things don't. It helps me believe that I am central to the outcome. Makes me believe that I have a role to play in the success and in the failure of things happening around me. I don't think too hard, for then it may turn out that I am just a pawn parading as the player.

I have a say. I choose to exercise this say. It is a part of my being.


  1. Nice post, quite philosophical i think. we all re pawns of our fates what else? life is much like a train journey where we all are co travelers, getting down on stations when our journey is over, only to catch a new train (a new birth)

    1. Gear analogy. Thank you very much for your comment.

  2. Like space travel... Your post here is pure poetry. Thanks for this, Rajesh.

    1. Thank you Jerral. Really appreciate this comment. God bless.

  3. This is very rightly put. I like the poetic flow in the blog post.

  4. "Makes me believe that I have a role to play in the success and in the failure of things happening around me. I don't think too hard, for then it may turn out that I am just a pawn parading as the player." - Well you say it perfectly. Quite an interesting post !!!

  5. Thanks Amrit. The comment is most encouraging. I was worried that this lost will go unnoticed. Thanks to both you and L


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