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Ring Ring - Take that Call!

Courtesy:The HINDU
Raj? (In mild annoyance)
Yes Princess?

Its a Sunday baby. Why do you have to answer all the calls on your phone?

This is my personal phone babe. I don't have too many people calling on this one.

Agreed. But this is the third time you are walking out of the room with your phone. It annoys me.
I am sorry Princess. But I will have to take all the calls. 
Raj..%#$@@**.(Major Annoyance)



Do you remember Anju? 
That girl who went for a divorce?
What about her?
Two years ago, on one such Sunday, she had given me a call. I was surprised to see her call, since, we were not really thick. 

Hmm.. what happened? Did she want to marry you or what?
At first there was a lot of silence on the other side. I thought that her kid had dialed out accidentally. And then I plugged my other ear and said Hello again. I felt as if I could hear a sob, and then a whisper.  I did not disconnect the call. I just told her that I know something is not right. I told her that I will hear her out. I told her that I will not hang up on her!

Phir kya hua? (What happened then?)
Well, I spent an hour with her over the phone. I called her now ex-husband a Donkey. I told her that all men (other than me) are not worth their weight in Gobar (Cow Dung). I made her cry and then she laughed some.
Phir? (Then)

That last call a while ago was from her Princess. Two years ago, after a bad fight with her hubby, she was in the kitchen with the baby. Her gas line was open and she had a gas lighter in her hand. Had I not taken her call then, she would not have been there to make this call today!

(----Long Silence---)

Yes Princess?
But why did she call you and no one else that time?

Yes Baby?
You will never know why someone calls you. We are a strange species. Its a mystery.


  1. Yeah..agree ..we never know when will some people need us the most

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jerral. Nothing like the photo blog that you keep :)

  3. Maybe that person is certain of getting help or comfort from you. We all need someone who is willing to hear us out sometimes even if it causes a hassle on their part. :-)

    1. It is a mystery. As a race we rarely reach out. Maybe it has something to do with the constant urge to fight our battles alone. I see you do that all the time :)

  4. I sometimes have found more comfort fron strangers than close friends. I sometimes tell things i've never told anyone to people I don't even know, instead of talking to my sisters or mother... Sometimes it's easier that way, dont you think? if they dont judge because they dont know you, they just listen ..

    1. I know what you mean. Strangers can't bleed you like friend can. All that hurt !!

  5. Now I need to rethink all the calls that I have no taken. But that's a tremendous burden on others too.

    Yes, if you can be there for someone, you should be. But you can't be paranoid about answering the phone all the time.

    1. R, you have taken it too literally :) Its just a story my friend.


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