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She would not love me
Like I loved her.
There is a difference being a river
And a lake.
I would flow into her with a rush
Often, breaching banks

And she would wait for me
Behind the stark tapestry
Of brown buildings
And soot infested skylines
Behind the charade of city living
And the grey hush
From carpeted office floors
Behind the ever grinning insta posts 
And the harangue of the tweets
Like a lake
She would wait for me
To fill her emptiness
In odd seasons
Of random loneliness.

maestitia stands for, among other things,  heartsore in latin.
Image courtsey pinterest


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If I could do a Neruda, You would have smelt of summer roses And Autumn pine. There would have been sheer love Of the kind that causes our hearts to ache And loneliness bordering the divine. You would have had so many secrets Welling up as in a girly giggle And so few friends who would hear them all. I am no Neruda I can't paint you a Summer breeze Amidst this long winter chill.

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